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New form of technical challenge competitions


Arthur van Schendelstraat 600H
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Through the Vakkanjers programme, teen boys and girls discover and develop their skills on all levels. All the way from primary school group 7 till the last year in pre-vocational education (vmbo). This is done along the path of a technical assignment from a socially relevant, real-world client.

The technical industries are desperate for well-educated craftspeople. Through the Vakkanjers programme schools and companies collaborate to make the craftspeople of the future, with a challenge for a annually changing client. A real-world assignment, for a major national organisation. After the Red Cross, the Dutch Water Authorities and The National Committee for 4 and 5 May (i.e. national celebration of Liberation Day) the students are going to get to work for the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

The students work in teams, like a mini company – along with their teacher as a coach. From first draft to working prototype, which is presented to the client in a pitch. This way the students not only learn technical craftsmanship, but skills like taking initiative, problem solving, teamwork and contact with customers as well – crucial skills in a rapidly changing world. Young participants are given a head start in their school career and the labour market. Optimal preparation for a great career!


Discover. Determine. Develop.

Through Vakkanjers you discover and develop your craftsmanship - from first form pre-vocational education all the way to intermediate vocational education. With real assignments, with a major national organisation: the Johan Cruyff Foundation for this school year.

The new client:
the Johan Cruyff Foundation

Not every child can easily take part in sports and play, for example because of a lack of space. Through projects like the Cruyff Courts, Schoolyard14, and sports projects for children with a disability, the Cruyff Foundation gives children the space to take part in sports and be active. Every child deserves a healthy future, for which being active is very important.

The 2019-2020 challenge:
Creating space for children

In the challenge 'Creating space for children' we ask pupils and students the think of ideas and create solutions to get and keep children active. 

Vakkanjer Scout

The ultimate challenge for first form pre-vocational

The Scouts get an open assignment which mainly stimulates their creativity and curiosity. Connected to the concept of ‘Creating space for children’ they design solutions to keep children active. The assignment leaves plenty of room for personal ideas.

Vakkanjer Explorer

Second and Third form pre-vocational students explore their skills

The Vakkanjer Explorers are going to create soluations to improve the Cruyff Courts in South Africa.  Creating space for children: Sports and play are an important part of a child’s proper, healthy development, liveability, personal development and participation.


Vakkanjer Pioneer

Designing and Building for tomorrow’s craftspeople

Vakkanjer Pioneers build and program a Practice Mode. In this assignment technical skill, cooperation and creativity join into one finished product.

Vakkanjer Navigator

Intermediate Vocational students and young professionals push themselves

The challenge for the Navigators is right in line with the pre-vocational students’ challenge. The Navigators build a atraction for public events. The Navigators are given all freedom for interpretation and creativity, within some requirements. 

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